Hattrick is currently offline

Hattrick is under scheduled maintenance

We are down from Scheduled Maintenance from 08:00 HT-time and 300 minutes forward.

/The Hattrick Team

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Community links

Hattrick may be down at the moment but the community is alive and kicking. There are a lot of hattrick related things to do out there. Here are a few tips:

Try life as a popstar!

Hattrick's wikipedia!

Alltid Hattrick - statistics site which gives you details about every team and player in the Hattrick universe

Hattrickplanet - Hattrick players around the world

At HT Arena you can get your own HT team home page for free!

Check in at HT Start for a pretty good link collection about all things related to Hattrick

Collected Hattrick knowledge!